Unveiling Constellations: The First Edition Design

Inspired by a son’s memories of gazing at the stars with his father, this design is the key to unlock Graceful First Edition.

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Feel free to gaze. It's pretty.

And it's only a fraction of why we’re so excited to unveil our First Edition Design.

This is Constellations.

Machined with Longevity in Mind

Graceful is meant to be a gift that lasts a lifetime. The stories that you craft in your child's digital vault will age and grow with them.

Like the memories stored inside, Constellations needs to withstand the test of time.

To ensure this, we used aircraft-grade aluminum to craft our cubes. After machining, the cube is anodized, a process that uses electricity to coat the surface of metal with a protective layer. This makes it extra strong.

The final product weighs in at 216 grams.

Check out this behind-to-scenes sneak peek at the manufacturing process, which takes place in our hometown of Bozeman, MT!

A Stunning Design, Inspired by the Stars

The Graceful Team wanted our First Edition Design to evoke nostalgia; to bring up fond memories of a time gone by. Our artist delivered on that vision.

Constellations was inspired by a son’s memories of gazing at the stars with his father.

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Design With Purpose

Making it beautiful wasn't the only challenge. The design has to serve a purpose as well. It has function. It has a job to do.Think of the cube as the physical version of your digital vault. To unlock the vault, you need a key.

The design is that key — and it has to fit perfectly to unlock the vault.

Constellations serves as the foundation of our product. It allows us to bring to life amazing new ways to store and share everything important.

We can’t wait to get this in your hands. Join the waitlist. Don’t miss out.

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