One Place For Everything Important

Family photos, vacation videos, grandma's secret recipe. Store and protect your child's digital legacy. Powered by augmented reality ✨

It's like nothing they've seen before

a new way to preserve legacy

How It Works

Add photos & videos to your vault

Use the Graceful Create app to upload, organize, and store everything you want to safely store in your digital vault.

Upload items directly from your device or connect your social media accounts to import your favorite memories quickly.

Scan the cube to unlock your vault

Constellations is the physical key that unlocks your digital vault.

The cube is made of 100% aircraft-grade aluminum. It doesn't contain any electronics and it's not a projector.

A unique code is engraved on one side of the cube. When scanned by the Graceful Explore app, it unlocks your digital vault.

Love that transcends time


A Unique Key to Unlock Their Digital World

Constellations is the physical reminder of the memories and connection preserved inside.

Each side of the cube unlocks a different part of their digital vault

Everything in your vault is organized on a timeline. Scroll the timeline to relive your favorite memories from the past — and anticipate messages in the future!

Create date, vault ID, edition info, and more. This is the cube is the one place for all of the important details about your vault.

Record messages and schedule them to be unlocked in months, years, or decades. Welcome to the future!

Bank accounts, stocks, gift cards, and more. Organize their assets while teaching them money management.

Two Apps: Endless Possibilities


Photos, videos, audio, and more. Find organize, and store everything your child will cherish for a lifetime.


Launch and view the contents of your vault in augmented reality. It's like nothing they've seen before!

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The first digital vault for kids



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Two mobile apps: Create & Explore.
One digital vault with 5GB storage.
One First Edition Cube: 1.7" anodized aluminum

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Two apps: Create and Explore
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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

launching spring 2023


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