A Digital Vault for Your Child

The One Place To Store The Most Important Things

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the First Digital Vault for Kids

* 92% of moms and dads alike want to be more organized when it comes to the digital legacies they keep for their kids. We've built Graceful for you to be:

  • The one place for precious memories.
  • The one place for important records.
  • The one place for valuable assets.
  • The one place to share for a lifetime

* Based on a Graceful survey of 311 adults.

Welcome to the Future

Store precious photos, videos, documents, and financial assets in this first-of-its-kind digital vault. Kids will view the contents of their vault in augmented reality. It’s like nothing they’ve seen before.

What is Graceful?
Lynsie Campbell, CMO, Graceful
1 min 5 sec

Their Life, in 3D

Your child's face will light up the first time they scan their cube and unlock the story of their life, in 3D.

Everything in the digital vault is organized on a timeline, so kids can easily go back in time and view everything from their first words to their last day of school.

The Vault Timeline
Greg Rogers, Co-Founder Graceful
1 min 3 sec

Connect like Never Before

A powerful feature of a Graceful vault is the future message. Record now and schedule these messages to be opened weeks, months, or years in the future.

Connect with your child now, tomorrow, in the future, and forever.

Future Messages
Lynsie Campbell, CMO, Graceful
1 min 11 sec

Coming soon

Prepare Them

You will prepare your child for their future by adding financial assets like stocks, savings bonds, and gift cards to their vault. Pick and choose the asset class that’s right for you and them.

Each financial gift becomes an opportunity to leave another message and impart wisdom. This is legacy.

Hello, Grace

Grace, our avatar, is the interactive guide to your child’s vault. As your child grows up, she’ll share memories, reveal messages, and provide updates on monetary assets.

Inspired by the video games and movies that kids love, Grace will delight your child as they explore their history – and anticipate their future.

Step Into the Future with AR
Lynsie Campbell, CMO, Graceful
1 min 13 sec

It’s a work of art

The cube that accompanies your child’s digital vault is simple, modern, and beautiful. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum, it’s built to last your child’s lifetime.

At 216 grams, each cube’s weight conveys importance. Available in three stunning colors.

The Partner Next Door
Greg Rogers, Co-Founder Graceful
1 min 12 sec


  • 1 Graceful Digital Vault
  • 1.7” cube interface
  • Feature upgrades for the life of the vault (applies to 1st editions only)

First Edition offer is capped at 3,000 vaults.

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Our team

The Story Of Our Inspiration
Greg Rogers, Co-Founder Graceful
1 min 25 sec

Backed by top venture firms Metaversal, Next View, Firebrand, and The Fund, Graceful is based in Bozeman, Montana, next to the inspiring beauty of Yellowstone.

Stepping into the future
Lynsie Campbell, CMO, Graceful
1 min 13 sec

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I give a Graceful vault to someone outside of my family, like a friend?
What is Graceful’s refund and cancellation policy?

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