Private family sharing and storage

A new way for families to connect, share, and preserve the things that are most important.

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Everything that's important to your family, in one place

In a world awash with digital clutter, Graceful is reshaping the way family and friends connect, share, and preserve the treasured and important parts of their life.

Important Documents

Store essential documents like wills and insurance policies.


Pass down artifacts like recipes and traditions.

Written Messages

Preserve notes and emails that you don’t want to lose.

Audio Recordings

Save meaningful voicemails and memorable recordings.


Relive the special moments through video memories.


Take control and organize your cherished family photos.

How families use Graceful

Whether it's passing down treasured traditions, securely storing vital documents, commemorating significant milestones, or reliving the joy of travel experiences, we're here to help you declutter your digital life and preserve what matters most.

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Preserving family traditions

Create a lasting bridge between generations by securely capturing and preserving the cherished customs that shape your family's identity

Safeguarding important documents

Ensure the safety and longevity of the important documents and crucial records that hold significance for your family's history and future.

Celebrating milestones & achievements

Never let the joyous memories that shape your family's story fade away by creating Capsules that capture the moments worth celebrating.

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Documenting travel adventures

Create a vibrant digital collection that captures the essence of your explorations, preserving the memories that make your travel unforgettable.

Transform Your Digital Chaos into Generational Knowledge

Experience a new paradigm in personal storage. This isn't just another set of folders. It’s a storytelling platform built for families to become better stewards of their legacy.

Collaborate Effortlessly

Work together to collect your family’s most important documents, traditions, & memories.

Organize Everything

Store everything that's important in one central hub, so you can find what you need, when you need it.

Custom Hub Sizes

Invite as many people as you'd like. Create one-on-one, immediate, or extended family Hubs.

Export Anytime

Export Hubs into organized files, whenever you want. You always retain full control of your data.

Privacy & security are our top priority

The promise of a single hub for everything important means that security is everything. We're deeply committed to safeguarding your information, employing robust measures such as 256 AES encryption and advanced password hashing. Rest assured, we're sparing no effort to ensure that everything stored in your Hub is safe and secure.

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What families say about Graceful

"I created a Graceful hub and invited my entire extended family, all the aunts and uncles and cousins. Next thing I knew, everyone was asking questions like, 'Who’s got that recipe?" "Does anyone have this photo?' It sparked something in my family. We started to work together to fill in the blanks to tell our whole story.”

Lawrence Cofer

"My digital life was a mess. I had my family’s favorite memories scattered across folders, emails, texts, and social. In the back of my mind, I just kept thinking 'This stuff is going to get lost.' Graceful has finally made it fun and easy to get organized. The app is a game-changer."

Stacie French

"Graceful has brought me peace of mind. I created a Hub and invited my four adults kids to join. With everything organized along a timeline, there's no searching. The stories, the photos, the traditions, even the will. It’s all there."

Mary Martinez

Provide a safe space for kids to engage with the family.

The Graceful Cube is a key that unlocks a read-only version of your Hub. Not only is it a fun, unique way for kids to engage with family content and learn about their heritage, it's also a physical reminder of the memories and connection preserved inside.


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